Rejected ganibattlebear
Player Name: ganibattlebear LFT 6s
Profile: Steam Community :: ganibattlebear LFT 6s STEAM_0:1:81628779
Server: TC 2Fort
Sniper: Body shots counting as head shots, pre-firing
Scout: Killing without firing

Similar to the previous alt account "Hi," this player seemed to be using some sort of pre-fire or redirect. Specifically, he performed a "headshot" on Mr. Sidekick, even though he was basically aiming at the lower abdomen.

As scout, I noticed one that he killed a player with what seemed to be a no-fire, but it definitely needs a second set of eyes.

The demo is attached.

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Haven't reviewed the demo yet but I've definitely been suspicious of gani for a while; less than 300 hours on sniper and usually able to beat me pretty easily.
will definitely take a look this afternoon.
[Image: 121519_101.png][Image: bR4be0E.png]
i'm reviewing my own demo of him last night atm
10600 was a suspicious shot mango i saw that too

overall nothing glaringly obvious, but definitely suspicious
i want to see a demo of that Ice // LFT guy too

edit: uh nvm on ice, i mean a demo would still be cool, but not needed for proof lol

[Image: 2d054f0932.jpg]
ah, shooty mcface

ah, shooty mcface. He just wants to be shot in the face.
[Image: 121519_101.png][Image: bR4be0E.png]
The plot thickens. Gani was permabanned from Skial for because another account (ezjuantaps) had connected with the same IP and got SMAC auto banned. Gani appealed and got the ban overturned. 
Normally, I'd just shrug that off, but ezjuantaps connected and got banned 4 minutes before gani tried to connect to skial and got caught by the ip ban. In case you're wondering it was for a SMAC Crit/Spread violation. ezjuantaps never set up their steam profile, and was SMAC banned from another server that same day. Certainly not conclusive, but interesting, especially since it was a couple months ago.
5800: Soly jumps, gani seems to track him through the ceiling. Could be based on the sound of the jump, but he got the landing spot quite right.
8300: Shot on Mr Sidekick. This looks legit. Remember with these demos there can be a time delay between players moving, the crosshairs, and the shot timing. His crosshairs move to where Sidekick's head was. Server decided it happened at the right time.

Overall I'm seeing a sniper who doesn't quickscope, so he's charging up and slowly sliding out to camp the edges of the battlements. A few shots are sketchy to me, but nothing that looks like aimbot to me. 
Ice on the other hand is hacking for sure.
watched it again, not conclusive proof

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