Rejected Sniper Pre-firing
The player has only 1.1 hours in TF2. Players were reporting that he was hacking and I witnessed excellent marksmanship from such a new player.

I started to record a demo. I believe that the player may have realized as he went from perfect shots to barely hitting anything. After a period of time (towards the end of the demo), it appears there may have been pre-firing.

The demo file is attached. Please review at your earliest convenience to make sure I'm correct.

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.dem   hi.dem (Size: 8.47 MB / Downloads: 5)
weird assed shots at about 3500 ish and 3900 ish (ran them at 14%speds)
looks real weird even if they didn't hit anyone; what is that?
Only explanation
His aimbot is so fast that it flicks on the guy shoots then flicks back without getting a see-able flick.
If my theory is right then he has one hell of a aimbot.
(as in his aimbot and fire key is clicked at the same time/bound as the same thing)
watched once - didnt see anything obvious
I'm going to reject this. I'm not seeing anything obvious, like Maui said. There's a lot of legit flicks, a fair amount connect.

Its certainly an alt, and I'm quite suspicious about why someone was playing on TC with a brand new alt. For now, our hour requirement will keep this alt off.

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