Revive Minecraft Events
Hi guys, I know as a community we are usually pretty quick to label things as "dead". (Goldrush, Discord, Minecraft...)

Let's not let that happen to minecraft. I know most people lose interest in minecraft after a couple of weeks of playing. After that time, you are well enough equipped to kill whatever you want etc. Personally in minecraft my equipment is so strong after all this time that I can pretty much survive anything except for falling through the void or swimming in lava without a potion. Another factor is that the server starts to feel disconnected when everyone is far removed from each other. It's kind of like everyone playing a single player game with like 1000 blocks between them.

So I have a few suggestions to potentially fix this. Community events are my first idea. Building events with a common shared purpose and effort is always nice. My first idea for a community build would be an arena or Colosseum so we can have PvP events together. (Likely using leather armour and bows/iron swords)

Next we can also have dragon killing events. Using various handicaps to make it actually interesting and dangerous.

Also I HIGHLY recommend if anyone is playing minecraft with each other to use mumble or whatever and voice communicate. This is what makes it feel like a community server instead of just a single player experience.

I know personally I like to only login to the minecraft server if I see that there are people on it. Recently there have been less and less. Let's work through this and make having the minecraft server be worthwhile. (Mauii's pocket money)

Please give feedback and have the initiative to start events like this yourselves.
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yessss please
how about you give me creative so I can finish this bloody Japanese Castle Ive been making for 2 bloody weeks already? 8)
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