Mango Plz
Name of Staff Member: Mango
SteamID: [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)][U:166798052][/color]
Server this happened on: 24/7 2fort
Date and Time: 10/16/2016 7:00pm-7:45pm ish
Description of abuse: So I got warned for admin disrespect and after asking the difference between admin disrespect and normal player disrespect I got banned for "Abusing the vote ban system" I had called one vote that didn't pass. Mango then proceeded to kick EVERYONE ON THE SERVER after someone questioned his actions. How on earth did this guy recieve and authority at all? 

Demos are from various people not me because this was the one time I didn't have one recording.
Hello Pogy317, welcome to our forums and thank you for providing feedback. 
I'll definitely breeze through the demos, thanks for having them.

As I understand, admins entered the server after this call admin: 

8:19 PM - Team-Cream Bot: 
New report on server: Team Cream – TF2 Cream of the Crop | 24/7 2Fort | Instant Respawn | No Crit | Chica (
ReportID: 2
Reporter: Breezier (STEAM_0:1:38147768)
Target: Beast? (STEAM_0:1:57024810)
Reason: player keeps calling random votebans 'i want them out'
Join server: steam://connect/
When in game, type !calladmin_handle 2 or /calladmin_handle 2 in chat to handle this report

As far as what Mango has described to me, the server was " out of hand and [he] needed to get people's attention " (I'm paraphrasing slightly). Using the "kick all" command is not something I ever want to see being used by our admins. Especially on a full server. I do not condone that choice and will take action if it ever happens again. I have spoken with Mango privately and we have come to an understanding. 

Kicks/Bans from our server must be warranted and have a reason. I'm sorry that this situation went down the way it did, and will try to make sure it doesn't happen again. As for your own reason for being banned/kicked, I will leave that up to Mango + Hamel who were there for the call.
i always notify our bot when i enter a server when i've got a call, but then i've noticed mango was there, so i left after, knowing that he got the situation, so i can't really have a word on this situation
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I answered a call regarding vote system abuse and found the server was incredibly unruly when I arrived.
I asked people to stop using the vote system and to bring their issues to me. I was ignored.
I asked people to calm down a bit. I was ignored.
I kicked everyone in the hopes of getting and keeping their attention.
It seems I did --everyone came back and resumed being unruly.
The bright side is that they were spewing insults at me instead of each other, so that was a start.

If I banned you, it was because I was dealing with 4+ people who were lobbing insults back and forth (before AND after the big kick) and I was trying to sort out what exactly was going on. Because you had used the vote system again, I provided a temp ban to start trying to address the issues I was called in to deal with.

You were not the only person to receive a temp ban; most were for 30-60 minutes just to let people blow off some steam as emotions seemed to be running rather high. At least 2 people were given a week long ban for being a little over the top in their verbal confrontations with me (I've decided not to hang myself, btw, but I appreciate the sentiment from some of your other peers on the server).

On that note, regarding the demos, I did mention our website and that disputes should be brought here to be handled. I do appreciate that this is exactly what you have done. This community only works if people are willing to contribute to it, and that is exactly what you're doing now. Thank you.

I encourage people to watch for themselves and draw their own conclusions. I've spoken with Mauii and have vowed never to use the all-kick command again.
I stand by the will of this community and if my actions ever, for whatever reason, are considered questionable by the admins, the head admins, or the moderators, I have no problem resigning my admin privileges.

On that note, your temp-ban should have expired by now and you should be able to access any of our servers.
If this is not the case and you are still banned, either post it here or message me directly and I will manually unban you.

I hope all this is to your satisfaction.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Maui has talked to Mango about his actions, and resolved that issue.

You called two votes, and they were apparently pointless. That is votemenu abuse. Your ban was 30 minutes long, and it looks like it was deserved. A 30 minute ban is often given when an admin just wants a player to calm down before they earn a much longer ban.

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