Accepted Kris18's [TC] Application
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32247550
Steam community profile:
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location: East Coast, USA
How long have you played TF2? 3000 hours / 3 years
What are your main 3 classes? Spy, Scout, Engineer
Have a microphone? Yes
Do you have Mumble program(voice communication)? Yes I do
Ever played TF2 competition or lobby games? Yes
If so state your experience:  2 seasons Steel HL, a couple games of Silver 6s; currently applying for Scout and Spy HL.
Please post a link to your gameMe stats:

Tell us why you want to join [TC]: Well, I've grown to love the Goldrush server and community in my short stay and I THINK I've already grown a reputation as a killer Spy. Tonight, gr:m invited me to play a lobby a team full of TC members. Water strats ensued, and a few of them asked me to apply for TC. Here I am. Big Grin

Being a member of [TC] sometimes requires you to join the server while it is empty to try to get it started. Are you willing to devote some time to this?
I've already been doing that and inviting friends!

What else should we know about you?
I enjoy math, puzzles, procrastinating, and talking to friends. Iunno what to say. xD

+1 for water strats
+1 water strat lover
Water strats !! +1
+1 if you stop stabbing me...
Withstupid You're cancer....

Come find me on the other side 

+1 Beastly Spy.
[Image: NMIF2qR.jpg]
+1 makes me very paranoid when im engi lol
Great spy +1
Super good at spy as well as other classes, also a cool guy +1

he's really killer
Great spy, has made me rage a bunch of times but also made me laugh! Smile

+1 highly recommended
I got to play Highlander with Kris for the first time the other day. Even as a pyro I got stabbed repeatedly and he dropped my medic multiple times. Cheeky fucker. Lot of support for Kris. Accepted.

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