Rejected Sam exposing my Ip to everyone 3 times.
Name of Mod/Admin: mauii [tc]
Server this happened on: THIS IS HIGHTOWER 
Date and Time: Date: 7/2/16 Time: Approximitly 1:30
Description of Abuse: said my ip out 3 times in front of everyone. 
[Head Admin] mauii [tc]: STEAM_0:0: 107815895
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I don't know who you are, but judging from the chat logs it seems that you were trying to abuse the vote system.
We'll look into your allegations because we take this sort of thing seriously, but from my standpoint I gotta say it don't look too good for you/your actions.
Care to elaborate on the situation?
Anything you can post here to support your claim is important.
So why is this a problem again?

You can literally go to any server and type "status" in to your console and see everyone elses ip as well, it's not like this is a secret you know.
"Semper Ardens"

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okay, 1) ^^ this ^^

2) why were you asking to be banned?
That is your steamID, (not your IP address)  which can be publicly accessed by anyone

(not even your SteamID, it's Mauii's)
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just read the chat history.

god damn, you are one damn troller aren't you ?
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(07-03-2016, 10:15 AM)(Qc)hamel194[TC] Wrote: just read the chat history.
god damn, you are one damn troller aren't you ?

'trollieres', Hamel, t r o l l i e r e s....
I remember this guy,can confirm was abusing votekick and had to call a admin on for it.
Alright Husky, so I joined Hightower on a call admin - something about you being annoying idek. i joined, and i didnt think anything was ban worthy. i thought your troll game was weak and you and the others werent really causing any trouble. it was more funny than anything. then when i posted my steam ID - which is basically just a different way to get to my steam profile, you kept bugging me asking what it was. i joked that it was your IP, to which you took very serious, said you'd get me demoted, and wanted to know how to report me.

long story short : Husky doesnt know the difference between a SteamID and an IP and is very gullible. I played along with his attempt to get me demoted/banned.

for others steam id looks like : STEAM_0:0:12345678
an ip looks like this :
So the troll got lightly trolled back. I think we can close this.

Husky, continued abuse of !ban and !votemenu will result in a ban.

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