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Hightower Request
Hey all,
I've had a request from one of our regulars on Hightower. Mint Leaf is a great player and helps seed the server constantly, so I felt I should do what I could to help get this request to your attention:

Could we turn on all the different types of noise makers (ie-TF Birthday, Winter Holiday, etc.) on Hightower?

I don't know why he wants it, but upon reflection, I think it would be good fun. I don't know how possible it is, but the reason why I'm bringing this here is a) Hightower has been good lately thanks to all our collective moderation efforts and they deserve something fun, and b) people are always looking for something extra on the Hightower server (ie- RTD) and this could be that little something extra.

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  • Fhenry [TC]
i agree that would add more to the cancer of hightower making it more fun +1 Wink
I'm not sure if its possible.  My understanding of the noisemakers is that they are enabled for holidays, with our currently set on Full Moon (halloween hats).  We We might be able to add more hollidays with a plugin I suppose.
If it was able to happen I dont think it would be good personally. To me it's just another thing people spam like what happens during the times you're able to use it regularly. So if it would be enabled or something it would need more advisement and yah spam might get calls
If you think this guy has really helped out then I guess it's worth considering. I think they are annoying but it IS Hightower, soooo idk. I think we need more opinions from Hightower regulars, I only go there sometimes to help Chesh with call admins once in a while.
If there was some way to limit when/how much you could use it then I think it would work. Without some kind of limitation, I just know that some dude is gonna just keep using the bonk soda and spamming the horn as much as possible until he dies and then rinses and repeats. Then again, maybe its worth at least trying and seeing how it goes.
Well I know in console you can force an event, probably what TC does to enable Halloween. But I have no idea if it stacks. As for command spam, I doubt that a noise spamming bonk scout really accomplishes anything negative xD
The idea of giving all the 12 year olds access to noisemakers does not fill me with happiness.
i nEED it
(12-11-2016, 07:54 PM)maymayhan [тc] Wrote: i nEED it

no u dON'T
[Image: 121519_101.png][Image: bR4be0E.png]
wHAT do u mEAN
I'd personally love noise makers, but then again I'm also crazy.
I'd also love to be able to telepathically electrocute annoying 12 year olds, so there's that too...

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