well, its me
so since i just lvl up, i tough i could make an introduction, a real one this time xD

so hi, i'm hamel194, hammy, the french men, le petit tabarnak, well i got a few name with you.

I live in Quebec since i'm born, happy type one diabetic since 2005( which can explain how i behave some time) I speak french( oui tabarnak!) i speak english, sort of. Happy talker, you can come and talk with me about anything( right space clown ? Tongue ) . I have my down some time, like everybody, so i go on hightower to sniper, i dont know why but it seem to calm me down.

i started playing tf2 in 2011, got my old duo core with no graphic card( yes, ouch) didn't play that much since i had more game and more power on my xbox 360. then back in 2013 i upgrade with a gts 450, i still have it but i will change is soon.I just build myself a brand new full tower, so much power in it :3. I'm currently studying in IT ( information technologie) so i'm always in front of a pc, all day long !

i want to help tc ( team canada right ?) to go far, really far. When i'm in something, i'm a 100% in it. I have some project that i will try to full fill with time. I really love the family feeling of the community, i really like that feeling so here i am, and i will , hopefully, stay until we all die ! 

erh its not that good, but its the best i can do for now :/
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Never seen this guy before, who is he?
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9.5/10 ~ IGN not enough mlg 360 no scopes  Big Grin
Guys, anyone got spare eggs? I burnt the last half-dozen trying to get continental breakfasts out.
Make them tinier half an egg per meal.

Hammer our goals for tc are the same, may we go far as far as the sky takes us!

(I vote Team Cake)
(03-05-2016, 02:19 PM)Hugh Jass Wrote: Never seen this guy before, who is he?

"new phone, who dis"
hey, this is me again, but behind a shield, while people where shooting at me, like a lot...

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[Image: poutine-banner.jpg]
They should have shoot you butt enfoiré! Tongue

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(08-15-2016, 10:39 PM)Liz[TC]Saturday drinking night!! Wrote: They should have shoot you butt enfoiré! Tongue

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French To English Translation-TM

Enfoire = Motherfucker

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