Team Cream Minecraft 2.0

For only a one time donation of $5.00 to Team Cream, you can get a headstart on our PVP Vanilla Server!
This donator package will include things that will help you build your base and protect yourself even if you get a late start. In addition to some building materials and metals, it will feature "overpowered" axes and breastplate and the newly added wings, which are only found in end dungeons. 

You will get a large chest full of the following items:

[Image: 5cc16f7c0e6720f4446d39a59de19b59.png]

The Enchantments:

Shield: Unbreaking V + Mending V
Elytra Wings: Thorns V + Unbreaking V + Mending V
Diamond Chestplate: Protection V + Unbreaking V + Thorns V + Projectile Protection V
Diamond Pickaxes: Efficiency V + Unbreaking V + Fortune V + Mending V
Diamond Axe: Sharpness V + Efficiency V + Silk Touch V + Unbreaking V

To get this package, simply go to the main page of Team Cream and click the "Direct Donate" option on the right. Add a note along the lines of "minecraft package" in the additional note blank.

[Image: 8deb5d3b74b6f59e035ae0a4fe35ca5b.png]

Maui will then visit you like a fairy in the night and bestow this starter package upon you!
I got my account back from the Russian Kid....

[Image: PaWHIa0.png]

and this is the skin he chose
Isn't that considered Russian formal wear?  He must be very wealthy to afford a tie.
... it's like baby huey... only... dumber...
(03-08-2016, 01:42 PM)Mangö[T♠C]#sickasfuck Wrote: ... it's like baby huey... only... dumber...

Huey? <-<
found a cute resource pack
[Image: 26Yo1Ny.gif]

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