Team Cream Update Change Log
!duels have been taken off Goldrush, Hightower, and Dodgeball 2fort in order to isolate a number of crashes we have been having
Its actually 2Fort not dodgeball, but yes this is a temporary change while we try to isolate a server crash problem.
As I wrote that last paragraph, I just saw my first definitive proof of REPLAY causing crashes.  I had long suspected it, but did not want to believe it.  Starting tomorrow (or on next crash) replay will be off.
- Tidychat Plugin : no more connect/disconnect messages (will show when a person joins a team) this will prevent spam from bots, and discourage mass exodus
- !duels and replay will be back online soon
Tidychat now filters connect/disconnects on seeded servers.
Duels are back on 2fort, hightower, and goldrush
I am leaving replay off for another week to make sure it was the cause, if/when we bring it back, we will better loadbalance the FTP offloading
updated gameme plugin to latest version
- orange crashing after latest update something about pre-cacheing ("object attached sapper")
- server crashes WAY down after replay off (might have a fix so not sure if re-adding to all servers)
- duels and warns seemed to be over their temp malfunction
- l4d2 still crashing - no cause - saving the "gambler" nick or ellis model sometimes causes server crash...

- no progress by developer on vote plugin
- sourcebans updated
- mods + admins immune from voteban/votekick
- SourceTV running on seeded servers (connect by adding +5 to the port : Goldrush -> 27020)
- new "reduced" option when dealing with unban appeals
- rules to be updated and adding a members "code of conduct"
- pinion being more strict
- orange map updated (need to make a community poll to take off randomizer or x10)
- mod + admin requirements updated
- Mod requirements are now 150 hours on TC servers, minimum 90 days since accepted recruit- 
- New Windows based L4d2 server in the works
- dodgeball + cp_orange maps updated
- dustbowl respawn times customized/lessened
- l4d2 campaigns added 
- staff re-org completed
- apps gone through
- staff list updated
- members [tc] steam group updated (make sure to invite any tc members+ only  to this group if they havent joined)

- !voteban only accessible to donors/mods/admins on dodgeball + hightower (cream currently working on fix so that members have access) this is to cut down abuse      of such command.  @Cream [TC] for update on this
updated rules check em out
updated mod app + subforum
Moderator Applications
updated motd on all servers.
regular event added to the calendar :

Card against Humanity/ Drink night !

Movie night !

Team Cream Forums - Calendar 

more to come !
[Image: poutine-banner.jpg]
i need to remmeber to update this

a week or so ago, changed cap limit on 2fort to 10

reoccuring movie night officially on 2 sat of month

added :
sv_use_steam_voice 0
sv_voicecodec vaudio_celt
to server

added link to discord in server chat ads
hey theres where my change log went 
*blows dust off the cover*
i've been looking for this

tc mods now have the power to ban and unban players in the server
to access this power : /admin, player command, ban player, [choose user], [choose how long], [choose reason]. 
to unban said user, : /unban steamid

ask any admin or @Moosekahuna [TeeCee] if you are unsure of when or how to implement your power
Just so community knows, 
We are currently waiting on NFO support to upgrade our current Server Subscription. Until we open new servers, we will be working on the ones we have.
added new VIP role to discord
will work similarly to tf2 donation 
~5 dollars will also unlock VIP in discord

red Color
display separately in user list
allows you to attach/embed in any channel
use external emojis
use reactions
Few forum updates

Random Quotes added to sidebar
Backgrounds added
Ability to hide sidebar via green arrow on top
Updated servers page
Gmod Server Opened
Discord Bots coming soon
Finance Opinion Poll out
Ads removed from hightower
VPP ads being tested on dodgeball

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