pancakes A.K.A. your favorite food
Earlier this evening I was reminiscing about a TTT server I used to play on with a community I loved. I had amassed nearly 600 hours on that server alone and about a year ago it was shutdown. I remember fondly the very first time I ever joined the server which, amazingly, was also the very first server I ever played on gmod. I find it absolutely amazing that I could have clicked any other server for that very first time I joined and that 600 hours would have never happened. I truly cherish my time on that server and I had always wanted to find another that was as magical as it was. So today i decided to randomly join a tf2 server and hoped I would capture the same feeling I used to have when playing on Diamond Proxis, the TTT server. The first server I joined was yours. Sticking with my refined method of investing 600 hours in the first server I happen to join, I plan on frequently playing on team cream. When you play so many hours of tf2 like I have you get burned out on it, but I didn't play 600 hours of ttt because it was the best game ever, I played it for the community. The same kind of community that I hope to find here.

Things you should know about me: I can be very sarcastic, which btw is very hard to convey in text so just don't take me to seriously if i say, "git gud skrub" or "I'm going to maim and kill everyone you ever cared about". I consider myself a kind person (but who doesn't) so if i say anything that seems rude or hurtful I probably didn't mean it and I'm sorry ahead of time.

pancakes (of course), Star Wars, The Office, White Collar, Psych, Long walks on the beach, Nathan For You, Rick and Morty, holy shit I watch to much TV, Seinfeld, Doomsday Preppers, Pro Wrestling, Fantasy Football, Eminem, Watsky, TV Filthy Frank, Jerma985, Amazing Atheist, and 100 other youtubers

Waffles and anyone who likes waffles more than pancakes (I will post an essay on why pancakes are objectively better than waffles if i need too, although lets be honest its already pretty apparent).
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Welcome! Had good time time playing on Goldrush earlier with you.  Hope to see you around a lot.
Welcome to the community!
Hullo there!
*Likes the post just because he said he liked Star Wars and Seinfeld.
Welcome to Totally Cancerous pancakes, hope you enjoy your stay here  Smile
"Semper Ardens"

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yeah i dont get waffles
waffles are pancakes with abs
Waffles > French Toast > Pancakes

After all, what is an unstoppable force to an Immovable Gonzalez?

come at my scrublord, i'm ripped
French Toast>Pancakes>Waffles (very close between waffles and pancakes)

Pancake lover here! Love them when there really thin almost Crêpe like and a lot of butter oh yea so good. Then it goes french toast and waffles last.
In Canada, we use every part of the moose; as such, the pancakes are delicious because they're harvested from the same place as the maple syrup AND the butter inside the sternum. And, because Bob brought it up, the crêpes are my favourite part! Ultra-thin pancakes of goodness from the goodness of the moose; best served with the fresh fruit found inside the moose-belly!
Do I have to take a separate course in Canadian biology???
not if you've taken North American Histor-EH 101
I'm starting to rethink joining your server... There are just so many anti pancake radicals.... Fortunately I've come up with a solution to this tragedy. I'm suggesting we round them all up, pull down there pants, and fuck them until their spirits leave their bodies.

Waffles and anyone who likes waffles more than pancakes (I will post an essay on why pancakes are objectively better than waffles if i need too, although lets be honest its already pretty apparent).

That's racist! 

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I enjoy pancakes, however I am more of a Waffle and Frenchtoast kinda guy. Sorry. :c
that bump tho
why was I talking about moose again?
you grave-digging?
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