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TeamCreamDodgeBallScream! Need Change
tl;dr at the end

The server has a nice population of regulars that play there all the time, and they all welcome newer players to join the TC community and the server "regular" list itself. We have a lot of fun there and (usually) everyone is appreciated in terms of skill and how they play. All though a lot of people have positive activity ratings (60% to 100%, about 120 players) Only 45 - 50 of those 120 regularly join the server. Its a small amount of people but they all effect the db community, and they all play a major part in recruiting more players to the db server.

There is one problem however, more and more players are getting discouraged due to the way the rocket is. Players who have been here a long time know how to manage it, but newer players, and players that aren't that great at the game mode have a hard time having fun. The real problem is the rocket type is pushing people away from the server itself... RIP Lemoncat. 

The problem with the rocket is that it is destroyed too easily (after 10 bounces it explodes, making it hard to gain speed and makes the bot basically useless unless you direct). When someone aims it down at the ground it will hit/bounce about 3 to 6 times. so It can only really abed 2 times before it explodes...  That may not seem like a big deal but it severally limits those that want to expand their play-style. There are other problems that players complain about but that's not as important. (Rocket sticks to the ground, explodes on teammates, up-spikes are a death sentence) 

What I want is for the server to convert back to how it was before, back in the good ol' days where gods like "Spades, Optimal, Not an Egg, Me, Nazi, and Zazybang" all played. The server back then was easy to learn, but hard to master. It also had multiple rockets so all players were included, the server now only spawns one rocket so its a 1v1 up until one team is dead. It allows for all the players to be active and to go against all different kinds of players, not just the Blu or Red MVP. Im not sure you can understand what im saying but if you play there you'll know.

Back then we only had like 10 active players, our player base has increased exponentially since then. The server back in the day only had 2 max every other day, now the server has 4 to 10 players multiple times a day, all the time. The multi-rocket system would help more players and possibly help the server flourish even more than it does now.

Of course there were Pros and Cons of the old server type, and there are pros and cons about the current server type.
But im going to focus on the older version

Pros to the old server:                                                                     
Multiple players could be involved at once
Nukes spawning increasing variety   
Down spikes didn't glitch on the ground/hug the ground, instead it almost "rolls" 
The rocket didn't explode unless it was stuck
Players could redeem themselves against up-spikes
Battling the bot is actually useful
Cqc and down-spiking is a valid play-style, and isn't seen as cancer because it isn't cheap nor is it unfair

Multiple rockets means multiple targets, the rocket switches targets and people get confused
People hate nukes, including me. The explosion radius kills multiple players which can be annoying
When up-spiking the rocket, when it hits the ground it will bounce.

But over all it made for an exciting and enjoyable game-play. In the current server, all there is is shit talk. People calling each other toxic just because they do cqc, up-spike, or down-spike. I'm not going to lie, I fit in that category. I do think various players are toxic, they ruin fun for others. That in itself is a different topic.

tl;dr current server rocket type sucks, most people dont like it or would like somethings changed. I want it changed to how it was before.
Lets Boogie
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  • EhItsAce
When we when from the current format, to the one you are describing, people lost their shit and said it was too hard, and we had to go back.  That includes ppl like zazzy who told me he wont come back until I reverted it, which I did.  I can try to play around with the rocket values, but I cant keep switching the format of the server.  We had another server which used the "new" format.  It failed miserably.
I see
Lets Boogie
I want more Dodgeball players to chime in on this.
I will say that Hax asked me beforehand my opinion on this. Honestly, I like the way the rocket is now, and I don't remember the old system well, so I'm not opposed to trying it out, however if it causes problems for the server like Cream said than I'm opposed to this.
Yes, I think i like it best the way it is now the other way was nice to but took a lot more concentration and skill, new comers always had a hard time learning. With the set up now its fairly easy to teach someone the basics of dodgeball.

As cream said we can play around with the settings a bit would be fairly easy to bump up the number of bounces before it blows up to say something like 20.
i dont suppose theres any way we could have a vote option that would switch between two rocket types? so like we have two rocket options or speeds on the server and players can choose which one to use via a vote?
Hax asked about this before I don't mind the old system from what I remember of it, but all the added stuff in it I didn't like, the rocket now I like more, so I wouldn't change the format yet again. My only issue is sometimes when the rocket is downspiked (gah downspiking nerds) it spasms and there's a 50/50 chance it will react to you airblasting it.

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