Seeding the wrong servers at night
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fp mad
Honestly half way through we got a little carried away. We should try to advertise our group to be lovable, fun and approachable. No excuses for some of our actions. I hope we do a better job next time.

*I was also at fault*
Aww I feel like I missed out, FP has yet to experience my quacking microphone >Big Grin
So I'm not sure what this was about, but I'm sure it was inappropriate. Looking at your names it looks like you saw the post on the FP forums about their Goldrush servers. Skitteh is absolutely correct, we need to present ourselves in a positive light. We still have good relations with FP, and want to keep it that way. I saw even Dr. Mckay was on for whatever this was. Dr. Mckay has helped us tremendously in the past even though he probably doesn't know it. I'd like to know exactly what this was all about and if there is anything else I need to know about.
i was there for all of it, although i was the first one to leave. even though my tf2 volume was low (as it always is), i did not hear or read anything out of place: things we wouldnt say in any server. our jokes were aimed mostly at each other and at dcnathanz. The Eff-Pee-Pee tag could have been offensive, the constant bind spamming of DCNathanz [TC] could have been offensive, and the fact that we seeded their server at 1am, could have been offensive. And, since they are FP, they took offense at things they should have laughed at.

However, regardless of our behavior (which although could have been improved so that we were all proper adults, was not bad), FP responded badly as well. In the thread post we were specifically called out by their higher ups, jokingly or seriously doesnt matter, for having a negative effect on the fullness of their server. [FP] Savage added me after deleting/editing my comments on the thread multiple times and issuing me a 2 week moderator monitoring for "advertising another gaming community," to have the last word. At the end of our conversation, I told him none of us have anything against [FP], we were actually talking in game about starting another FP v TC friendly scrimm, and that we were simply messing around with our mutual friends at 1am in an empty server that we all met each other on.
mauii had 3 doms, you know something wasnt right.

i probably shouldn't be here right now
3dperson :^)
we <3 u tho

So I have seen screenshots, chat logs, original and modified posts. I am disappointed at some of the conduct from our members. I would like to remind everyone of the rules of TC, especially number 1:
If you are applying to become a part of TC, you should be aware of what is expected of you if you are accepted.

1. Be respectful of everyone. Players of all different skill levels and backgrounds play with us. Harassment will not be tolerated.

This means on our server and off of it. Other communities have other rules we do not. This does not mean we can disregard their rules, as that would not be tolerated on our servers. I realize that a misunderstood hashtag probably was taken a but personally by one or more people. Let it go. We have no beef with FP and we don't need any, thats not what we're about. FP helped us tremendously in the beginning. They helped up seed the server when theirs was full. They didn't have to do that but they did. Dr. McKay has helped me on AlliedMods when trying to get our configs right. Others may not have been helpful at all with another community. Heck even before Bob1st was in TC he voluntarily took the time to help us.

The irony of what you guys were doing was not lost on me. I understand you were "seeding" their server. We are still welcome on their servers, let's not screw it up.

I will speak with individual members about certain things I feel need to be addressed.

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