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United Dodgeball League New Season - creamy - 05-22-2020

United Dodgeball League New Season

<a href=""><img src=""></a><br><br>

<p>Looking for a different way to play Team Fortress? United Dodgeball League is a fast paced event where teams reflect a rocket back and forth quickly, with increasing speeds as the round timer ticks down.</p><br>

<p>Their new season starts June 8th. Matches are played once a week for a month. Play the times that work for you, any time, any day of the week!</p><br>

<li>1st Place - 24 keys
<li>2nd Place - 15 keys
<li>3rd Place - 9 keys

<p>Don't worry about being a new player! Teams that don't make the top 3 positions can still win prizes such as in-game medals to show off! A 15 key prize pool will also be distributed among teams that don't win.</p><br>

<p>Sign up today through their <a href="">Discord</a>.</p><br>