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TFNew Cup #5 - Get Into Competitive 6v6 - creamy - 10-20-2019

TFNew Cup #5 - Get Into Competitive 6v6

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(Image credit - KortexTF, with help from virgonaly and Their Dentist)<br><br>

<p>TFNew is a European competitive 6v6 TF2 event intended to help players new to competitive TF2 learn the basics and prepare them for league play. You don't need a team to participate, simply sign up as an individual (or with 1 friend) and you'll be drafted onto a team by their Staff when the sign-ups are done. You'll then spend the next week and a half receiving coaching sessions and playing scrims (practice games) with other teams. When the preparation period is over, you'll participate in Cup #5 and have a chance to prove yourself as an up-and-coming TF2 talent!</p><br>

<p>Rewards include <a href="" target="_blank">in-game medals</a> as well as entries into a raffle of TF2 items! There's also a chance your matches will be featured on Twitch! To participate, join the <a href="" target="_blank">Discord server</a> where you can find a lot more information as well as instructions on how to sign up.</p><br>
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