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<p>On Monday, December 10th, at 9:30pm EST, come and experience the most competitive <a href=""> 7v7 Prolander</a> Grand Finals to date! Over two months ago six teams set out on a quest for the crown, but from the start there were two clear front runners: <u>Cat Noises</u>, the longest running team in RGL Prolander history, and <u>The Cowardly Dogs</u>, who had some notable pickups this season of <b>b4nny</b> on Scout and <b>Nursey</b> on Medic.</p><br>

<p>Now these teams will meet on the biggest stage of them all, with a $4,000 total prizepool up for grabs--this is definitely a match you do not want to miss out on! Watch it this Monday at <a href=""></a>.</p><br>