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I want to to be a member - Gary-Kun - 08-14-2018

Rules and Community Info:
  • Do you agree with our server rules? Yes 
  • Will you seed our game servers when able?
  • Have you connected to our Discord? Yes
  • Did a [TC] member refer you, and if so, who? Moosekahuna
  • How did you find us? Through this server
  • Which TC server do you play on the most?
Player Information (fill in all that apply):
  • Steam ID  (required, STEAM_): 211111122
  • Battlenet Tag: i don't play overwatch 
  • Any other game IDs that you'd like to share (such as Riot, Relic, Epic)? No
  • Your Age:15
  • Do you use voice communication? Yes
Gaming Information:

We play a large variety of games, including but not limited to Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Overwatch, Age of Empires II, Killing Floor, Unreal Tournament, league of Legends, etc.
What games do you like to play? Team fortress 2, csgo 
Have you played on any of our servers? yes the hightower server
What games are you interested in trying out?
Tell us some good experiences you've had as part of the Team Cream community: i like to be with other poeple in discord

Team Cream members are held to a high standard as they represent the community and are involved in the decision process for the direction that we, as a team, move towards. As such, involvement, activity and following the community rules are requirements for membership.
Tell us a bit about your previous/current community involvement:
What fun memories do you have with Team Cream? 
Why do you want to be a member? i want to be apart of the community
Feedback and Additional Information:
  • Do you have any other feedback about our community to give?
  • Any other info we should know before considering your application? i wake up at 4am every day 

RE: I wan to to be a member - car-- - 08-15-2018

regular that's chill and epic