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Confused on certifications. - Jensenbreck093 (2) - 09-06-2017

Hi all.

As the title states, I am very confused as to what certifications that I actually need to succeed in getting a job.

I know that I NEED NFPA 1001 FF1&2. But what are all the other certifications, NFPA specifically. They just increase your training base right?

What are all these organizations. OAFC, OFAI. How do these fit into the bigger picture?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

RE: Confused on certifications. - Going beast mode in 3 2 1 -iwnL- - 09-06-2017

I don't know, google it.

RE: Confused on certifications. - mangö (2) - 09-06-2017

Hello, I think you've arrived here in err. We are a community gaming forum. If you don't have, and have not received, your complimentary continental breakfast, we can assist. If not... well shit man, I don't know what to say :/

RE: Confused on certifications. - mauiihan - 09-06-2017

implying we still offer a complimental breakfast you have to pay for that shi bruh

RE: Confused on certifications. - Captain Hammer =[TC]= - 09-06-2017

Edited the bot posts to remove the advertising links. Don't want to know what shit those lead to.