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meet mauii - mauii [TC] - 01-04-2015

I made up the name MauiiHan. For the first few months on Steam, I had my IRL life as my steam name - cause I didn't know that was a bad idea. I've had so many misspellings and mispronunciations of it that honestly I've started doubting that the Steam community understands vowels. 

I'm in my early 20's, trudging through college, have an adorable cat, an affinity for pink and all things adorable, and a new PC build as of December 25th, for which I am so grateful. I work at a bagel/sandwich shop and occasionally as a standardized testing tutor. I wear UGG boots and PINK leggings and enjoy an occasional Starbucks drink. I'm sure Lucky will be glad to hear that I actually didn't order a Pumpkin Spice Latte this past fall, and I'm hoping Luigi and I can go on a shopping spree to Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret.  

When I first installed TF2 in the fall of 2011 (a short time after it went F2P), I actually didn't like it. I played for maybe a half hour, then didn't touch it again until a few months later when I decided to give it another chance. Since then, I have met a whole myriad of interesting people (people I hope to never talk to again and people I never thought I'd be so close to) in the past four years I've been on Steam and in TF2. I've spent way too much time on orange servers with TheSpaceKitteh, have like 65 tours in Two Cities (3 australiums), and have had my gender questioned more times than necessary (r u a grill?). 

I've played in so many different communities, from Lotus (weird admins), to iO (ghost town now), to No Heroes. I was actually an active member of Firepowered for about 6 months. I played alongside Zero, Cream, Gr:m, Sandman, and a lot of other TC regulars/members in the [FP] Goldrush & Dustbowl servers. I remember seeing the [TC] tag and thought it was just part of Zero's name. When [TC] got their own server and started to grow as a community, I came up with the idea for a friendly [FP] vs [TC] competition, which had 3 or 4 events. I eventually transferred over to Team Cream after a few months, feeling much more at home in this growing community than I ever did in Firepowered. 

Although I've pretty evenly spread my hours over the 9 classes (except spy, ew), I started playing a lot of medic to pocket my friend Craig (the one my Kritzkrieg is named after). Since then, I've enjoyed playing medic, helping my teammates and friends, even though I've been conflicted over the stereotype of girls playing healing classes. My favorite pocket will forever be olli. 

I like diamonds, puns, the office & parks and rec, batman, cats, bunnies, chinchillas, water, pink, sleeping, making cookies, cereal, christmas lights, candles, playing with friends, the gym, rain, brown eyes, knitting, strawberry smoothies, my niece & nephew, and TF2.

RE: meet mauii - Luigi - 01-04-2015

When are we going to go to Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret? God, you owe me a pair of Yoga pants.

RE: meet mauii - Skitteh - 01-04-2015


RE: meet mauii - ♐Zero[TC]♐ - 01-04-2015

I see no mention of Frozen or "Do you want to build a snowman"..... I am disappoint:

[Image: I-am-Disappoint.jpg]

RE: meet mauii - MehHat - 01-05-2015

I'm in!!!!
date, time, place... im there!

RE: meet mauii - ♐Zero[TC]♐ - 01-07-2015

Note to self, do not say the forbidden name...
Also it's not a thread about Mauii without this...

RE: meet mauii - mauii [TC] - 01-07-2015

let it go

RE: meet mauii - SwagJuice [TC] - 01-20-2015

Shieeet, after reading this all I see are rainbows lol. 
By the way, tell olli he's a hacker.

RE: meet mauii - Stranger [TC] - 01-29-2015

Mauii, you are gamer grill/10. u no dat.

Here, Mauii, take this [hands money] you is smart. Buy yourself a car. [Hands more moey] No, buy your self a house. [money intensifies] Now go buy your mom a house.

RE: meet mauii - KingOnly [TC] | FC² - 02-17-2015

(01-07-2015, 12:20 AM)Zero Wrote: Note to self, do not say the forbidden name...
Also it's not a thread about Mauii without this...

With two small children those Frozen songs are sung almost continuously around my house. Now I can let my mind wander when they are singing it. Smile

RE: meet mauii - Byte [TC] - 02-18-2015

You are grill/grill.
Top grill, kek, whatever the kids call it nowadays
Ah .. but you're better than that; aren't you?
Yeah, I see where you're coming from ... played in a lot of communities, you've been around a while, coolio
You get around more than I did prom night~
jk, haha
It's great that you're a part of this community and I love the amount of dedication that you've displayed for all to see.
Looking forward to playing with you more; MvM sometime?

RE: meet mauii - mauii [TC] - 05-19-2015

RE: meet mauii - Mr. Bubbles [TC] - 05-19-2015

I want to live with skitteh

RE: meet mauii - s h i i b o i - 05-19-2015

(05-19-2015, 04:31 PM)mauiihan Wrote:

Skitteh does it again, fucking fantastic.

RE: meet mauii - mauii [TC] - 11-22-2016

im so gay

RE: meet mauii - MichaelVolleyball2 - 11-22-2016

i wear ugg boots and leggings too don't worry

RE: meet mauii - Hugh Jass [T - 11-23-2016

Have you knitted yourself pink leggings with rainbows with cat with diamonds for eyes though?

RE: meet mauii - mauii [TC] - 11-23-2016

no my aesthetic is so different than it was 2 years ago tbh

RE: meet mauii - MichaelVolleyball2 - 11-23-2016

okay I've gone up in rank from 41 to 38 in 2 days without playing, which means several people went down in rank... must be noobs.

RE: meet mauii - nert [tc] - 11-24-2016

(11-23-2016, 11:18 AM)Smitleyjd Wrote: okay I've gone up in rank from 41 to 38 in 2 days without playing, which means several people went down in rank... must be noobs
*has nothing to do with the thread*