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Hello Team Cream!

To get right to it, TC needs help to keep our servers/website up. We have a donation goal before our payment is due at the end of January.

The current donation goal is $210 by January 28th which will allow us to buy a 2 core VDS to run our servers for an entire year.:

I wanted to contact all of you, whether it be fringe lurkers, longtime regulars, some OG Team Creamers, or our current members. Team Cream has been at it for about 5 years now, providing you with raffles prizes, fun events, and a website and servers for those things to happen in. However, as Team Fortress 2 has seen some hard times recently, so has our community. The only way we can keep our servers up is through your donations.

If Team Cream has meant anything to you over the past few years, consider donating to keep it going!
You may donate directly to our coffer at
and please feel free to add a note to let us know who you are (steam name and steamid)

There will be a donation meter on our main forum page so you can keep up with our goal. And check out the forum post to keep up to date: