TF2 Server Commands
Server Commands:
!servers - Lists the current active servers
!hop - Connects you to a server in TC of your choice
!duel - Duel an opponent through a plugin
!topduel - Top duelers using the plugin
!myduels - Your duels using the plugin
!votemenu - Access voting commands (such as mute, kick, etc..)
(Team Chat Only) @own - Typing @own before something in team chat will send the current sentence to admins only who are also on the server
!tp & !fp -Switch between third person view and first person view. Note: Only on dodge ball servers

Stat Commands:
rank ,skill ,points - Current Position
place- Displays current place in chat to all 
kpd ,kdratio - Total Player Statistics
kdeath - Displays current player statistics in chat to all
top10 ,top5 ,top20-Top-Players in the ranking
session  - Current Session Statistics
next - Players ahead in ranking
!settings - gameme settings