Garry's Mod Rules

General Server Rules:

  • No Cheating: Using cheats of any kind detected by anti-cheat, or confirmed by a staff member will result in a permanent ban.
  • No Impersonating Staff: Trying to pass yourself off as a staff member will result in a permanent ban
  • No Evading bans: Using another Steam Account/Family Shared Account/Or IP Address will result in a lengthened ban on all your accounts.
  • No Offensive Language: Repeated use of unwarranted profanities or inappropriate language, Blatant or intentionally malicious racism, sexism, or bigotry will result in a 1-2 week ban.
  • Please do not disrespect staff. This includes personal threats, and intentional disrespect. This doesn't mean you can't question an admin's handling of a situation. Feel free to take up issues with admins in a responsible and respectful manner.
  • Mic Spam: Please make sure the quality of your microphone allows you to be heard clearly by other players. Only sing/play music while in a player role that allows it/its appropriate to do so in.
  • No Griefing: Continuous harm/unwanted actions intended to disrupt the server can result in a kick or temporary ban. This includes map exploits, and glitches. Finding loopholes within the rules for the point of exploiting them is not allowed. Proper judgement of one's actions must be implemented while playing.
  • Do not abuse the voting system, admin chat, or plugins. Spamming the commands will result in a kick or temporary ban.

Deathmatch Rules:

  • Do not attack other players for no reason: Attacking another player without a valid in-character reason is disallowed, as it ruins everybody’s fun. Killing other people, and engaging in combat without valid or realistic in-character reasons will result in a warning, or jail from an admin.
  • Revenge Killing: Do not take revenge on players who have recently killed you by attacking or killing them. Do not return to the scene of crimes where you have died, even if back-up is called with in-character communication.


  • When robbing, you may only take a maximum of $800 (Including weapons and items of this value.)
  • The other player must be given 20 seconds minimum to pay up before shooting them.
  • If a player runs, or pulls out a weapon during a robbery, you are free to attack them.
  • You cannot rob the same person within a 10 minute period. (This also applies to individuals helping with the robbery.)
  • When robbing someone, you must engage it as a roleplay situation. Be sure to notify the victim via text chat or voice that they are getting mugged
  • Police Officers are free to arrest any individual committing a robbery, or suspected of doing so


  • As a job selling illegal items, (Drug Dealer, Black Market Dealer, etc) you are permitted to scam people, and are allowed to remove them from your store with force if they are violent. You set the rules of your shop
  • If you scam someone, they are permitted to forcefully “Re-acquire” their money, so be sure to back yourself up with force.
  • Corrupt Cops/Mayor
  • Police officers are not allowed to own illegal items, or abuse their arrest powers at the expense of other players. Randomly arresting people without a just cause will result in admin punishment.
  • Police are responsible for arresting players brandishing illegal goods in public. Police must also arrest individuals who harm other players, raid bases, and mug.


  • Vehicles may not be used to harm other players, or for driving through base walls.


  • Gangsters, Capos, and Mob Bosses are required to change their names such that they can be identified as a unique gang. Gang members are allowed to base, and raid together.


  • You are responsible for making sure that your base is raidable, and doesn’t provide an unfair advantage to people defending your base. Planning your base strategically is allowed, however if the opponent has vastly more offensive power than you have defense, it is expected that the raid would succeed.
  • Bases can not have one-way walls which you can shoot through. One way walls must have collision, and not be fading doors.
  • Bases must not have more than 3 doors to reach the goods inside (This includes map doors, and fading doors.)
  • Placing excessive props within your base is not allowed. It is highly discouraged to make vast walls of one-way props. An effective base does not need to be large

Building Rules:

  • While building, you may place a “Building” Textscreen in front of your base. While this is up, players are not allowed to raid you.
  • While the building sign is up, you are not allowed to have any Roleplay Entities within your base. This includes printers, and cannons.
  • If your building is taking a long time, be sure to not take up the slot for a high-priority job. Remain Citizen if you are going to be building for a while


  • Silent raids are allowed.
  • You are allowed to bring a gang in with you while raiding. All accomplices are required to have matching Job Titles, such that they can be identified as a gang.
  • Jobs that are allowed to raid are as follows: Gangster, Mob Boss, Capo
  • You may raid player bases, the police office, or stores set up by dealers.

Dealer/Service Jobs:

  • This includes Car Dealers, Gun Dealers, Black Market Dealers, Medics, Restaurant owners, Pizzeria owners and Drug Dealers.
  • Players must be able to find you. Even if you do not have a proper location set up, be sure to advertise your position through word of mouth, or billboards. If your service is illegal, try not to attract cops!
  • Unless you are building, or in combat, you must sell to individuals looking to buy. However, if you believe a player is a threat to you or your business, you are able to remove them from your store.
  • Dealer and Service jobs are allowed to raid in special situations. In order to raid, the player must only be targeting another dealer. The only jobs allowed to assist in the raid are other dealer jobs. This is such that players can “remove their competition” through stealing shipments and other supplies.

Always use common sense while playing to ensure gameplay is as enjoyable as possible for all players! Do not attempt to find loopholes within the rules, which allow you to take advantage of other players at their own expense. If your actions deliberately harm others, the server, or gameplay in general, an admin will be sure to apply punishments.