No cheating : using cheats of any kind detected by SMAC or confirmed by a staff member will result in a perma-ban. A demo must be recorded by our staff of anyone suspected of cheating.
No impersonating [TC] staff :  trying to pass yourself off as a staff member will result in a perma-ban.
No evading bans : using another Steam account or a different IP to bypass a punishment on our servers will result in a perma-ban on all of your accounts + IPs. Whatever mute, kick, or ban in place on a player is active across all Team Cream servers.  If a player returns to the server after a mute, kick, or ban and repeats the offending behavior, that player will be perma-banned.
No intentional Racism, Bigotry, or Sexism : blatant or intentionally malicious racist, sexist, or bigoted behavior will result in a 1-2 week ban.
No offensive Language : repeated use of unwarranted profanities or innapropriate language will result in a 1-2 week ban.
No advertising : promoting other servers or communities, excessive trade chat, or advertising hacks are subject to a temporary ban.
No disrespecting Staff or Community : disrespecting staff will result in a a temporary ban. Any threats or intentional disrespect towards Team Cream will result in a temporary ban.
No mic and chat spam : continuous and/or unwanted mic or chat spamming will result in a mute or a temporary ban. This includes music, binds, or trade offers.
No griefing : any continuous and/or unwanted action to harm your team or the server can result in a kick or a temporary ban. This includes map exploits. Spawn-camping is not against our rules. However, if there is low player count, if players are leaving, or if it’s happened for an excessive amount of time: it’s time to back off.
No abusing plugins, commands, or votes : spamming !duel, !rank, !votemenu options, or any other commands can result in a kick or a temporary ban.

Team Cream is an active, adult-oriented, and inclusive Team Fortress 2 community. We are not incredibly strict, as we all enjoy messing around and having fun, but we do have a few basic rules to keep things running smoothly. Players are held to these rules as soon as they enter the server and are subject to any subsequent punishmentsWe have a warn system in place to give our players a heads-up when they are either starting to or currently breaking a rule.

If you feel you have been muted or banned unfairly or without cause, feel free to make an appeal on our forums in the appropriate section with whatever documentation you can provide. Our staff is here to enforce those rules to the best of their abilities, but if our staff was unfair or is behaving badly, give us your feedback. Try to keep our servers positive and fun for everyone! If you have a problem with a certain player, feel free to leave a report or ban request here.

Any other issues not detailed in our rules will be judged accordingly by our staff.