Why Donate?
Donating keeps the TC servers up and running smoothly! Your donation gives you great benefits for a better experience!

Every $1 you donate will get you 6 days of benefits!
$1 = 6 Days
$5 = 30 Days
$10 = 60 days

Auto balance immunity
You will not be swapped to another team!
Change teams at any time
Access to the /swap command!
End round immunity!
During humiliation time, you will be invincible
Less text ads!Special [VIP] tag in front of your name in chat
Reserved slot
When the server is full, in console type connect server.ip:port and you will be connected to a reserved slot!
For example, to get into 24/7 Goldrush when the server is full, open your console and type: connect
Even though the server is already full, you will be connected.
Every $1 donated via Paypal will also automatically give you 5 raffle tickets into our Monthly Raffle!

Ways to donate

Donating with PayPal

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