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September Raffle!

September raffle winners! Thanks everyone for playing and submitting tickets; winners listed below. We’ll see you next month!

1st Place – Nert [TC]
Winner of 5 TF2 Keys and 2 months VIP!

[Image: key_large.443e254bfd7c6f54de0842a14df3c2...00x300.png]
2nd Place – Sir Juhi
Winner of 3 TF2 Keys and 2 months VIP!
[Image: key_large.443e254bfd7c6f54de0842a14df3c2...00x300.png]

3rd Place – Sonne
2 months VIP!
[Image: key_large.443e254bfd7c6f54de0842a14df3c2...00x300.png]

Runners up in order:

Mango [TC]

Mr. Box
Claustrophobic Potatoes
Bitterbrush117 #JustPlay
Unholy Sidekick [TC]

August Raffle Winners

Alright guys, sorry for the tardiness on this one!
We won’t keep you waiting any longer. Right to it:


Bitterbrush117 coming in hot at 1st place. He is now the proud owner of TEN NEW KEYS and 2 months of Team Cream VIP!

look at that quality boys.


There is no such thing as 2nd place, only 1st loser. On that note, everyone give a warm welcome to phil, the recipient of 2nd place, which comes with five keys and 2 months of VIP!

what a set, amirite.


3rd Place

Era comes in with the tree fiddy, getting that middle spot, with 3 keys and 2 months VIP.

here ya go

4th Place

May the fourth be with you, MDK2. Which is pretty accurate since you sound like a droid. He takes home 2 keys and 2 months VIP.

these are the keys you’re looking for

5th Place

Lastly, but not leastly, Manvaril takes home that 5th place prize of 2 months VIP.

it’s the key to my heart


Some runner ups:




Thank you all for playing on our servers and entering our raffle. We will see you next month for some great key prizes and VIP spots!

Watch your trade offers for that incoming key trade!


Hats Off To The New Year

2015 was a big year for Team Cream! Lots of new members, servers, and changes. Thank you all for being a part of TC’s community this year and adding to our success and enjoyment, we literally couldn’t have done all we’ve done without your help and hard work. We have seen a lot of growth in every area of Team Cream: forum updates and activity, member growth, and our servers climbing in popularity. We’ve had dedicated members seeding servers, moderating the unruly masses, and helping Team Cream make its mark in the TF2 community. Again, from Team Cream to you, thank you for your time, energy, and loyalty this year!!!

We’ve had our logos for a year now! Here’s a great thread talking about some of the funniest moments we’ve all had with eachother. Don’t forget when we were briefly a Minecraft community. Here’s a silly .gif thread that happened. Of course let’s not forget our most viewed post, the “Last Letter Game” with over 25k views! I’d like to reward Kbredeson with the most liked post of the year! Some big updates to Team Cream this year was the huge re-organization as well as the beginning of our Raffles!

We’ve had our good times and our dramas, said goodbye to a few members and welcomed a bunch of new faces. As 2016 begins, let’s make it the best year of Team Cream yet! Look forward to new changes and updates to our servers and forums as we go forward into the future! Go on over here to the New Years thread and share your traditions and resolutions for 2016.

Be safe out there tonight. If you’re at home or at your computer, here’s a link to a livestream of the NYC ball dropping! I hope 2016 is a great year for you.


September Raffle + Some News

September has fallen: back to school, pumpkin spice lattes, + another Team Cream raffle. What a world we live in!

As seen on our raffle page we have the Unusual Exquisite Rack // Miami Nights up for grab! A great hat. A great hat, yes.

What a great hat! What a pixelated .jpeg! MMMmmmm.

In addition, our rules have been updated. So give that a gander. Read up on those. And our cp_powerhouse server has changed over to cp_dustbowl. So that’s pretty cool!

And lastly, but not leastly, we have introduced a new steam group : Team Seed. This is a group for anyone who’s interested in helping us getting our servers up and running. If you find yourself wanting to play in our servers, but they happen to be on the empty side, if you’re in the Team Seed group – send out an event with the server’s IP to get backup. THE [TC] CHIVALRY WILL BE ON THE WAY! The top three servers we want to get seeded consistently outside of Goldrush are : Hightower, Upward, + Dustbowl. Get to work!

[Image: qH8aw6l.jpg]


M I N E C R A F T ~ M A K E O V E R

Our new modded server hosts a wide variety of mods, including Thaumcraft and Galacticcraft (magic and space)! There is something for everyone including dimensions with emerald, diamond, and gold trees you can get to by right clicking on an ant. Thanks to our own Rebound who packaged our mod folder up, you can download the modpack from the TECHNIC launcher. Just search for Team Cream!


IP: minecraft.team-cream.com:25565

Modded Server Spawn


Donation Goal

Random Quote

Do you want to build a snowman????

— MauiiHan
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